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Audition Information



Our next play DAISY PULLS IT OFF by Denise Deegan, which will be on-stage from Wednesday 4th July to Saturday 7th July at The Boxmoor Playhouse.

Set in the 1920s at Grangewood School, an independent girls’ boarding school on the south coast of England, it centres on the adventures of Daisy Meredith, the school’s first scholarship pupil, whose arrival is greeted with reservations by some pupils and staff; and who finds herself involved in dramas ranging from a hunt for lost treasure to a heroic cliff-top rescue.

So put on some clothes you can move in and bring trainers or other soft shoes and come along on Monday 12th March at 7.45pm for our Workshop. Whether you’re already a member of HHTheatreCo or new to the company, you’ll be very welcome.


Rehearsals will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays (7:45pm-10pm) at The Boxmoor Playhouse in Hemel Hempstead

Audition One - 14th March (7:45pm-10:00pm)

Audition Two - 18th March (2:00pm-5:00pm)
Rehearsal Days - Monday, Wednesday and Fridays (7:45pm-10pm)
Performance - 4th-7th July 2018


Message Sent. See you there!

Casting Information

Whether you fancy donning a gym tunic (and don’t worry too much if you passed your teens a few years ago!) or fancy sweeping around in an academic gown – there could be a part for you.  It’s heavily loaded on the female side but we also need a man to play the mysterious Russian music teacher and another for the even more mysterious assistant gardener.  Oh, and headmistress Miss Gibson is often played by a man and we are open to all possibilities.

We need at least nine named pupils and four members of staff but it would be great to have a few more of each, including a couple more men. There are several group scenes, at least one of which we shall be exploring at the workshops.

Ben Weitzmann is our official School Pianist and will be responsible for the singing (three hymns, a rousing School Song and a short solo for Daisy).


pg 2 Long speech beginning “Daisy Meredith” continuing into dialogue with TRIXIE

pg 6-8; dialogue with Trixie

pg 42-44 from Mr Scoblowski’s exit


pg 3 and 4 from entrance to exit


pg 24-25 from entrance to exit

pg 45 from entrance to exit


pg 77 from “Miss Gibson” to end of long speech “then it’s my fault”

Dialogue with BELINDA on pg 4


pg 27-28 from “…if only you’d seen them, Alice” to “slanging like that

pg 40 “How’s Diana” to “stick to her like a shadow”

pg 46 “What a dickens of a game” to “wounded soldiers in the san”

TRIXIE MARTIN (Daisy’s best friend)

Dialogue with Daisy pg 6-8 from “Isn’t it heavenly?” to exit

pg 42 from Mr Scoblowski’s exit to exit at bottom of pg 44

MISS GIBSON (headmistress)

pg 60-62 from “Daisy, this kind of affair” to “You may go”

Opening speech pg 1 up to “this establishment”

MISS GRANVILLE (form mistress)

pg 15-17 from “Miss Granville” to “Good morning girls” and then jump to “Girls, please, I will not have this giggling” and continue  to “Belinda, take charge, please”

pg 32 to bottom of 33, from her entry

MR SCOBLOWSKI (music teacher)

pg 18-19 FROM “Mr Scoblowski, the enigmatic” to the singing of Cherry Ripe

pg 22-23 from entry to “Good night, ladies”

pg 52 from his entry to “you do not realise….”

MADEMOISELLE (French teacher)

pg 46-47 from “Mademoiselle, the scatter-brained” to “tell ‘er what ‘as occurred”

MR THOMPSON (assistant gardener)

pg 78-79 from “You see, my father” to “which my father had hidden”


pg 4 with Sybil from “Meanwhile, in the adjoining carriage” to “How frightful”

pg 17 from “As captain of this form” to “I refuse to discuss the matter further”

Cliff rescue scene bottom of pg 72 to bottom of 74


bottom of pg 72 to bottom of 74

There is also room in the cast for three or four additional schoolgirls.  All the named girls are in the Upper IV (Year 10) except for Clare (head girl) and Alice, who are Upper VI and Winnie, who is a Second Year.  All those playing schoolgirls need to be able to sing – and those auditioning for Daisy should bring along a short song of choice with backing track – ideally The Ash Grove.

PLEASE NOTE:- Our policy will be to include all abilities and ages as appropriate after the completion of a satisfactory audition.  HHTheatreCo Management has final say for all auditions.  Membership or audition does not guarantee acceptance to in to the cast.

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