Meet the Team

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Hugh Vinson


Hugh has been a member for many decades and was even instrumental in designing the theatre as we know it today. He has worked backstage on countless productions lending us his invaluable talents. Before taking over as president Hugh was also a chairman.

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Sonia Waterton


Sonia has been on stage and in our theatre management team for many, many years. Hers has been the voice of reason in many a meeting over the decades. Her knowledge, wisdom and experience are invaluable to the company.

Dave Simmonds


Dave became chairman in 2014 having been a member of HHTC for over 20 years.  He previously held the post of Services Manager.  As Chairman Dave hopes to bring further building improvements and bigger audiences.

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Maggs McGuire

General Secretary

Maggs is a long standing member of the company who has held many positions over the years. Her knowledge of the workings on and off the stage have made her a valuable resource to the company.



Company Treasurer

Details coming soon.


Danielle Nightingale

Membership Secretary

Danielle has only been a member since 2016, but in that time she has got involved in many off stage opportunities. She found herself welcomed into a great community which she was proud to become a part of and now she gets to do the same for others in her role here. 

Karina Bygate

Artistic Manager

Karina has been a Manager for this theatre company for longer than most dictatorships last. However, Karina doesn't run her island in the same way.  If you have a play idea, this is the person to speak with.

Tony Harvey

Playhouse Treasurer

Tony is another money man, but this Tony used to work for the Bank of England and he means business when it comes to the Playhouse assets. We're not sure what his job was at the Bank of England, but we know it was important.

John Eames

Technical Manager

John is no stranger to theatre having been involved in over 25 new builds, extensions or refurbishments of West End theatres before his retirement as a Electrical Engineer in 2011.  He now works hard keeping the Playhouse up to spec.

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Mariam Gaballa-Gill

Marketing & PR Manager

Mariam is a newcomer to this management business, and marketing too for that matter. She’s hoping that her many years of theatrical experience, as well as some common sense, will help her figure things out.

Veronica Thompson

Services Manager

Veronica would like to know if you would like some cake or perhaps some tea. When she is not slaving away in the kitchen, Veronica is organising all the fun activities that happen at the theatre and generally being mum.


John Stacey

Hall Manager

There is nothing John does not know about The Boxmoor Playhouse, that's probably because he has either fixed it, broken it or built it and there is no one better to give you a tour of our home.