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Audition Information

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Rehearsals will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays (7:45pm-10pm) at The Boxmoor Playhouse in Hemel Hempstead

Audition One - 22nd August (7:45pm-10:00pm)

Audition Two - 24th August (7:45pm-10:00pm)

Audition Three - 10th September (10:00am-2:00pm)
Rehearsal Days - Wednesday and Fridays (7:45pm-10pm) Mondays and Sundays to be added later
Performance - 7th-9th Dec & 14th-16th Dec 2018


Message Sent. See you there!



HHTheatreCo are very proud to present this years Pantomime, Beauty and the Beast by Ben Crocker.

Handsome Prince Christophe is placed under an enchantment by the wicked witch, Malabelle. Doomed to live as a Beast, unless he can win a loving kiss which leads to wedded bliss. To save her mother’s life, the village beauty, Rose, goes to live with the Beast in his fantastical Castle. After a scary start, the two become friends and slowly become closer… Despite Malabelle’s best efforts, true love wins the day – and not only for Beauty and her Beast, but also for her brother, his girlfriend – and for Felix, a smart talking French poodle, who thinks the show is all about him…

Everyone and anyone is welcome to audition.  Whether you’re already a member of HHTheatreCo or new to the company, you’ll be very welcome.

Casting Information

Children are welcome to audition - there are roles and room for a small number of tiny actors and dancers.

Anyone auditioning for the chorus will be asked to sing either "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" or "Food, Glorious Food" - Not to rule anyone in or out, but to see who could take various solo lines.

Anyone auditioning for a principal role will be asked to sing one of the pieces listed as a required piece on the website, plus something of their own choosing that displays their vocal talents at their best. Please being some sheet music or a backing track for your personal choice of music.  There will be a general movement/dance exercise to select some feature dancers.

If you have queries, please contact the Production Team at email

A Principal Boy - Prince Christophe/Beast
A Principal Girl - Rose (aka Beauty)
Dame - Manon Pamplemousse (aka Ma)
Animal - Felix - a giant French Poodle
2nd boy - Jacques, Beauty's brother 
2nd girl - Capucine, local village Blacksmith and beloved of Jacques
Wicked Witch - Malabelle - gets her come-uppance in a transformation at the end ...
Furniture - Clock / Chest of Drawers / Lamp / Rug / Table
Aimee and Remy - Two subjects in a painting
Chorus - Various French villagers, French market traders, castle servants (including French Maids,) wolves, bears, ghosts, etc. (all French ...)


PLEASE NOTE:- Our policy will be to include all abilities and ages as appropriate after the completion of a satisfactory audition.  HHTheatreCo Management has final say for all auditions.  Membership or audition does not guarantee acceptance to in to the cast.

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